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In Brand Identity Breakthrough, you will learn how to develop a strong business identity by combining your personality and values with the functionality of your products to become irreplaceable to your audience.

Whether you lead a growing company, or are just starting a business, Brand Identity Breakthrough will give you a smarter way to think about new product development and business model generation. With undeniable, well-organized logic, it will show you how anyone can sell more, and at higher prices, so long as they give customers exactly what they want.

Module 1: Why Identity Matters

Learn to see your own value, the value of your business, and the value of your products or services from the perspective of your customers. Only then can you begin to fashion your identity appropriately. If you can train yourself to think like your customers, you can get a much better idea of what value you should be focused on creating.

  • Understand why unique identity matters in business.
  • Start to think of their products and services in terms beyond just functional descriptions.
  • Reflect upon what actually makes their ideas valuable from the point of view of a specific type of person.
  • Focus their message on the communication channels that make sense for who they are and who they are selling to.
  • Create products and services that borrow from others in their genre, but innovate in a specific way to stand out.
  • Uncover the core values that cause them to make the business decisions that will define their brand identity.
  • Empathize more deeply with the needs of their customers, and adapt their approach accordingly.

Module 2: Creating Your Brand Identity

Move beyond functional descriptions of what businesses do, and instead focus on the profound change they create in the lives of buyers. These lectures will teach you to remove anything which does not immediately increase the perception of the value you have to deliver. You will simplify and refine to make the uniqueness of their value more obvious, so that their presentation of what they do successfully converts the customer’s emotions to pleasant ones that grab attention and make them want to buy.

  • Define what makes you and your business unique among everyone else in your industry.
  • Uncover the core values that drive the major choices in your business and the principles which define you.
  • Bypass easy answers to tough questions as you arrive at the real meaning behind what you do.
  • Implement your emotional and practical values in everything your company does.
  • Develop a compelling Unique Selling Proposition based on what product does, how it does it, who it's for, and who you are.
  • Establish a more intricate and intimate type of relationship with your customers in every possible venue.
  • Craft a brand personality that is consistent with who you are and what your audience will respond favorably to.
  • Construct a detailed ideal client profile of hungry buyers who will find what you produce uniquely valuable.
  • Build an attractive bridge between your market's expectations and the products of your brand identity.

Module 3: Telling Your Story to the World

To be an effective communicator is to be absolutely clear in your core message. By learning how to be a better communicator, you will gain access to a wide new world of opportunities which are only available if you know how to talk in a way that makes others want to listen. Knowledge and ability can only take you so far. It is our relationships with others that make it possible for our individual actions to have greater meaning - but only if you master the art of influence.

  • Link the practical value of what you offer with a specific time of emotional experience for greater impact.
  • Differentiate between simple and complex value propositions with your products, and change your communication accordingly.
  • Sell who you are to people in a way that is both ethical and effective.
  • Set clear goals for communication with prospects, partners, and employees alike.
  • Provide instant proof of concept for the claims you make about what your products and services can do.
  • Overcome unspoken objections qualified prospects may have about working with you before they ever become an issue.
  • Minimize and reverse the inherent risk buyers take on when they choose to buy from you.
  • Talk about what you do in a way that instantly conveys trust and personality for instant sales.
  • Use subtle body language and other communication factors to your benefit in private or group settings.
  • Write sales copy and informative content for maximum impact and congruence with your brand identity.
  • Use advanced education marketing concepts to engage your audience and deliver complex value.
  • Tailor your communications to the needs of other business and potential investors when appropriate.

Your Instructor

Gregory V. Diehl
Gregory V. Diehl

Gregory V. Diehl understood the importance of universal ideals at a very young age. Raised in California before embarking on a path of global exploration, Diehl focused his belief in personal empowerment through a career path in education at age 18. His quest for learning led him to deep self-discovery through entrepreneurship, inquiry, and analysis. Diehl has lived and worked in over 50 countries so far, offering straightforward solutions to seekers of honest advice and compassionate support in the development of their identities.

In addition to teaching and coaching, Gregory enjoys mentoring gifted, yet rebellious young people. He spends his free time seeking out new parts of the world to explore, and is developing a personal lifestyle sanctuary in southern Ecuador. His core values include breaking down the boundaries of comfort and culture, actualizing potential in living things, and contributing to a better life for hungry dogs, cats, and children. He writes about meaningful entrepreneurship, education, parenting, relationships, and discovery of the self.

Gregory's first book, Brand Identity Breakthrough, quickly shot to #1 bestseller in Public Relations on Amazon, and is available in Kindle, print, and audiobook formats.

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